Saturday, October 17, 2015

Night of Nights by Little Cobweb

Angela has embarked on a creative path & shares her musical / artistic / soulmate longings in her mini-zine night of nights. Since your reviewer is approaching elderhood, I was pleased to find within the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations in night of nights a list of fifty songs for slow dancing ... songs I actually know, including a few surprising ones. Percy Faith in the same list as Nina Simone? I'm in heaven.

night of nights is hand drawn and hand written and bound with thread. It feels ephemeral, like an autumn gust might blow the pages away. Yet before it does, please, someone, make the vegan mint kiss cookies!

This zine is also released in video format & features real vinyl records. Heaven again. This is exactly the kind of project that Ye Olde DJ Frederick loves ... a combination of indie music, visuals, art and the written word.



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