Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bizarrism 14

Each edition of Bizarrism is an inclusive, bordering on encyclopedic, compendium of true (and bizarre!) stories from around the world. For fourteen issues Chris Mikul has reported on topics are diverse as Sea Monkeys, The Shaggs, and the Mystery of the Somerton Man. Chris approaches his work as a journalist in a scholarly manner. His articles and essays brim with information, and are pointers to elements of history that often escape our notice.

Issue #14 includes articles on the debauched world of Francoise Dior, the religious empire of Sun Myung Moon, and the strange rise of atheism and Madelyn Murray O’Hair. Chris also explores the legacy of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Mikul also delves into the fascinating world of prolific graphic artist / would-be soul musician Mingering Mike, and reviews Jim Elledge’s book Henry Darger, Throwaway Boy: The Tragic Life of an Outsider Artist.

For more information write to:

Chris Mikul
PO Box K546
Haymarket NSW 1240


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Kind Request from Ye Olde DJ

Zine reviews are forthcoming ... however in the interim I am battling poverty and living with zero income or savings. All of my energy is going into job hunting ...

I would be grateful if any generous folks out there could send me a few stamps via the postal service ... first class, second ounce, international first class, postcard stamps ... I literally can not even afford to send out zines or letters at this point.

Thank you for your consideration.