Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Make Radio #2

How to Make Radio #2
by Julie Sabatier

Julie is a veteran radio producer creating shows and segments for community and public radio stations. Julie’s zine is clear, concise, and an excellent orientation to developing audio for radio or podcasting. Topics covered in this zine include your radio voice, editing audio, creative commons music, and funding your show / podcast. Some of the technical information in How to Make Radio #2 may be outdated (tips on using software and recording using iPhone devices). The downside of this zine is that Julie seems to be a shill for NPR podcasts, which are sometimes creative but more often formulaic and dependent upon pleasing corporate funders. Still, everyone is entitled to an opinion (and that’s ye old zine reviewer’s!). How to Make Radio #2 is available from Portland Button Works.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


My apologies for not having an image to accompany this review, couldn't find one easily on Google! 

The 13 Zine is a quarter-sized monthly compilation that appears on the 13th day of each solar month, curated by Lucy Stone / Sequoia LeBreux. The edition I have in hand (dated 6-13-15) features photography, collage, poetry and prose done in classic cut-n-paste style. The writing is vibrant & imagery vivid. The 13 Zine would be a welcomed presence in the mailbox & on the reading list every month! 

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