Monday, May 18, 2015


Kari Tarvo, zine-maker of Shards of Glass in Your Eye fame, has published two cool mini-zines - Finnglish Life Finnish-American Style & Finnglish 2 More Life Finnish-American Style. And when I say "cool", I might mean downright frozen. Kari is your tourguide to a new culture (unless of course, you are Finnish-American, in which case I suggest you write your own zine. In fact, everyone reading this blog - STOP READING RIGHT NOW and GO WRITE YOUR OWN ZINE!!!!

I'll wait.

Ok, done? Send it to me for review. 

Ever heard of F.U.? Or the Keweenah Peninusla? What? You're from there? Sheesh.

This winter, even my Norwegian blood almost froze. I needed a Sauna!

Seriously, send Kari a few bucks, some stamps, a zine or three, and read these wonderful zines on Finn culture. There will be a pop quiz afterwards, and the winner gets to sample Pannukakku.

Kari can be found via snail mail: PO Box 7831 Beverly Hills CA 90212. 

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