Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OSR Catalog #1 Spring 2015

Zach Phillips has taken his music company (OSR) offline & produced an actual paper catalog of OSR releases. Be still my beating heart! And ... the catalog doubles as a zine with numerous contributors commenting on the brave move of taking a music label offline in the digital age and useful descriptions of available releases. OSR offers vinyl, cds and cassettes from New England based artists that include the prolific songwriter Chris Weisman, folk-psych magician Ruth Garbus, CE Schneider Topical & other bands you need to discover if you haven't already! Send a buck or two or a self-addressed stamped envelope (with two ounce postage) to: Zach Phillips PO Box 370352 Brooklyn NY 11237-0352

Monday, May 18, 2015


Kari Tarvo, zine-maker of Shards of Glass in Your Eye fame, has published two cool mini-zines - Finnglish Life Finnish-American Style & Finnglish 2 More Life Finnish-American Style. And when I say "cool", I might mean downright frozen. Kari is your tourguide to a new culture (unless of course, you are Finnish-American, in which case I suggest you write your own zine. In fact, everyone reading this blog - STOP READING RIGHT NOW and GO WRITE YOUR OWN ZINE!!!!

I'll wait.

Ok, done? Send it to me for review. 

Ever heard of F.U.? Or the Keweenah Peninusla? What? You're from there? Sheesh.

This winter, even my Norwegian blood almost froze. I needed a Sauna!

Seriously, send Kari a few bucks, some stamps, a zine or three, and read these wonderful zines on Finn culture. There will be a pop quiz afterwards, and the winner gets to sample Pannukakku.

Kari can be found via snail mail: PO Box 7831 Beverly Hills CA 90212. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Review: Krylon Underground 1984 - 1992

(Saint) Bob German's Krylon Underground 1984-1992 is an ambitious project, compiling all of the extant issues of his zine into a 288 page, over-sized trade softcover. From a purely archivist perspective, this compilation is massive and all inclusive. The style of Krylon Underground is surrealist & literate, peppered with provocative graphics, poetry, announcements for other zines, political pronouncements, and visual improvisations on the page.

Given the heft of this project, as a reader in 2015, I don't find much substance to relate to within its pages.This zine feels like an old friend, yet one that you parted ways with two decades ago. Krylon Underground has a vague "leftist" tone, but nothing that borders on radical thought. The content is so random that it is difficult to get enthusiastic about reading more than a few pages at a stretch. The zine feels so unfocused that after spending time with this compilation, I really can not tell you what it is about, other than an exercise in nostalgia, nor can I interpret whether it has any relevance to zine readers in the here & now. Krylon Underground readers from back in the day must know something that I don't. 

As we evolve as individuals, the things we embrace change, and we become heretics and hermetics in our own lives. Everything moves forward, we inhabit a brave new world. Krylon Underground inhabits a brave old world, and we have to ask whether we want to revisit that chaotic time and place. If so, take comfort that Krylon Underground is waiting for you. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thrifty Times #27

Thrifty Times is a monthly zine published by Sarah MacDonald in Allston MA. Each issue explores Sarah's favorite thrift finds. If clowns make you nervous, read no further! Just kidding. Most issues of Thrifty Times have a "theme" and the March 2015 theme is clowns. Sarah launches the issue with her customary Dear Readers section, then unveils a creepy clown pillow, hand stitched by someone with the initials CSS. Nick Burgess discusses the book "The Book of American Types" discovered at a thrift shop, and there's a review of the LP "The Klowns" in the Record Roundup Section. Sarah also reviews ten comedy LPs scored at thrift shops. Every edition of Thrifty Times is well written and a lot of fun to read. Recipes! Games! Comics! Romance books! What's not to love? Now get thee to a Goodwill ... and find me a shofar! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Free magazine offer!

Even if you are not an aficionado of opera, The Opera Glass, edited by Iris Arnesen, is a beautiful and informative journal that is both educational and completely absorbing. Each issue features a wealth of information opening into the world of opera, theater, music and literary arts. I won't ramble on extolling the virtues of this gorgeous journal, I'd prefer that you discover The Opera Glass for yourself. For a limited time, if One Minute Zine Review readers send $2 for postage I will send you a sample issue of The Opera Glass. If you enjoy this journal, subscriptions from Iris are free (though donations are helpful). See you at the mailbox.