Sunday, December 27, 2015

Twilight World #20

Twilight World #20
Digest / 20 pages / $3 
Don Fields
266 Ramona Ave
Grover Beach CA 93433

Don Fields is hands-down one of the most entertaining writers who are slogging through the zine wilderness of the twenty-teens. Issue #20 of Twilight World is, to use older parlance, “a hoot”. Like a troubadour elf, Don leads readers through the maze of Christmas music he’s been listening to leading up to the 2015 holidaze. Don discusses records & cds including The Joyous Sounds of Christmas by Johnny Largo & His Optigan, Joyeux Mutato by Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame), and the Three Suns A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas, which I can say from personal experience is an LP not to be missed. In addition to in-depth music reviews, Don draws comix about selling zines at a fan convention, there is a remembrance of two (now sadly deceased) radio show hosts and a plethora of zine reviews. Five cheers all around for Twilight World. Next year I will be using Don’s list as a guide when assembling the playlist for my Holiday Thrift Shop shows. Be forewarned! (in a good way).  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Enter the Papernet!

Greetings folks!
In 2016 I am passing the torch of One Minute Zine Reviews (the paper zine) to my son Stephen J. Lazotte. Zines and items of curiosity may be sent to him directly at PO Box 383 Manchester NH 03105. I will continue to write posts occasionally here on the OMZR blog. Paper zine review zines are becoming scarce, so let's support Steve with this project that he had graciously accepted! The next issue will be Number 9! And if I eek out some time somewhere, there just might be a compilation published next year of issues #1-8.     

Saturday, November 7, 2015

73s From the Evergreen State

Here is a zine / book / pamphlet that rocks my eclectic sense of wonder - 73s from the Evergreen State by Jordan Smith, published by Public Collectors, a visual tour into the world of CB Radio QSL cards.

I have a collection of shortwave QSL cards from international and pirate shortwave stations I have heard over the years - but CB Radio QSLs? Where was I back in the day? And why wasn't I on CB? Fascinating glimpses here into the personalities of the public airwaves with cards from numerous artists. A must read for any radiohead.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mixt Media Review: Unableto by David Thomas Broughton

David Thomas Broughton
Antiquated Future

Visually, this is a stunning and beautiful release with an emerald cassette and a glassine, vellum insert. Musically, Unableto is a journey through the wasteland of the psyche. I wish this tape had a lyric sheet included. I also wish there was less squelch & noise and more clarity – there is melodious, seething life here which needs to be heard. About ¾ of the way through the journey, Unableto becomes a proggy new age instrumental. Intrigue abounds. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mixt Media Review: Tucker Theodore

Tucker Theodore
To Make the Sun Hurt cassette
available from

This incident might be from another lifetime. Perhaps it was sometime in the 1990’s. A man in the apartment next door is fiddling with an amplifier and an old tape recorder. You hear his howls through the wall. Maybe he’s been listening to Bonnie Prince Billie. Maybe he’s secretly Jandek. You don’t know him very well, you mumble "hi" to him at the mailbox & don’t make eye contact. At one point he starts whistling along with the thrum of his guitar. His voice sounds like it’s echoing out of a coal mine. The batteries run down in the tape recorder and he stops singing. You’re not sure what you just overheard, yet it haunts you like surrealistic dreams of clouds. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where You From #4

Where You From #4
News from Home
New Hampshire in the 80’s

Review: Hope has created another absorbing issue of Where You From, forty pages of histories and reminiscences of growing up in the Granite State, my place in the world. Through several chapters, Hope documents her recollections and impressions of the Challenger space shuttle disaster, the police brutality against Rodney King, an out-of-control murder of a local family man by police in Hudson, Ram Dass in New Hampshire, and more. Peppered throughout are grainy black & white images that perfectly accentuate the histories that Hope explores. Where You From #4 is a lovely and provocative zine.

Commentary: I grew up in and have lived 99% of my life within the geographic boundaries we call New Hampshire. Though I was a young adult with three children during the era that Hope describes, it is almost as if we lived in two different states and two different times. I grew up in southern New Hampshire and was acutely aware of the social injustices going on both nationally and next door. Most of my family’s friends were non-white, non-wealthy, and some were non-neurotypical. Where Hope states that “…this is why we get out, to see a bigger picture, to understand more …” I think: this is why some of us stay (in New Hampshire) or in our home towns … because the bigger picture is not outside of us, somewhere else, it is within our hearts.

email for more information: 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Night of Nights by Little Cobweb

Angela has embarked on a creative path & shares her musical / artistic / soulmate longings in her mini-zine night of nights. Since your reviewer is approaching elderhood, I was pleased to find within the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations in night of nights a list of fifty songs for slow dancing ... songs I actually know, including a few surprising ones. Percy Faith in the same list as Nina Simone? I'm in heaven.

night of nights is hand drawn and hand written and bound with thread. It feels ephemeral, like an autumn gust might blow the pages away. Yet before it does, please, someone, make the vegan mint kiss cookies!

This zine is also released in video format & features real vinyl records. Heaven again. This is exactly the kind of project that Ye Olde DJ Frederick loves ... a combination of indie music, visuals, art and the written word.



Contact Email:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bizarrism 14

Each edition of Bizarrism is an inclusive, bordering on encyclopedic, compendium of true (and bizarre!) stories from around the world. For fourteen issues Chris Mikul has reported on topics are diverse as Sea Monkeys, The Shaggs, and the Mystery of the Somerton Man. Chris approaches his work as a journalist in a scholarly manner. His articles and essays brim with information, and are pointers to elements of history that often escape our notice.

Issue #14 includes articles on the debauched world of Francoise Dior, the religious empire of Sun Myung Moon, and the strange rise of atheism and Madelyn Murray O’Hair. Chris also explores the legacy of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Mikul also delves into the fascinating world of prolific graphic artist / would-be soul musician Mingering Mike, and reviews Jim Elledge’s book Henry Darger, Throwaway Boy: The Tragic Life of an Outsider Artist.

For more information write to:

Chris Mikul
PO Box K546
Haymarket NSW 1240


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Kind Request from Ye Olde DJ

Zine reviews are forthcoming ... however in the interim I am battling poverty and living with zero income or savings. All of my energy is going into job hunting ...

I would be grateful if any generous folks out there could send me a few stamps via the postal service ... first class, second ounce, international first class, postcard stamps ... I literally can not even afford to send out zines or letters at this point.

Thank you for your consideration.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

a few mini reviews for a heat wave

Bookin' It DIY by Allysa G
a responsible guide$4.00 /14 pages/ Half size

Time to dip into my recent archives & write a few reviews. July heat has been intense; not weather that is conducive to reading (unless maybe you're stretched out beneath a tree in a hammock). These zines, however, are perfect for a breezy summer read. 

DIY type zines tend to be my favorite genre. If you're interested in booking bands and musicians, Bookin' It DIY will get you pointed in the right direction with clear, useful information. Folks playing music for one another is a complete joy & a way to stave off the tyranny of the music "industry". WHat better time for a concert under the stars than Summer?

How to Send a Letter is a fun mini-zine that reminds us there are a million ways to send a letter. Or ... you can just send one! I found this one on etsy.  

Another mini-zine treasure I found on etsy not too long ago is Gatherer: A Pocket Foraging Handbook by Isabella Rotman. Mother Earth created everything we need for our survival. One doesn't need a PhD in botany to learn how to feed yourself in the woods and fields.  Gatherer: A Pocket Foraging Handbook is a beautifully lettered and illustrated guide to common wild foods: wild leeks, dandelions, fiddleheads & more. Concise, yet packed with useful tips and a brisk, enjoyable zine. 

When all else fails during a heat wave you can enjoy a nice cool ... ginger beer! Annie Soga has written and illustrated a fantastic field guide to ginger ales, packed with historical info and beverage reviews. Lots of love (and tasting) went into this zine - gorgeously printed and presented; if I weren't on a self-imposed nutrition plan, I would be sipping some Chelmsford Golden Ginger Ale right now (which wasn't reviewed in this zine.) 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Musings

Once again I find myself at a crossroads ... considering zine projects, and how to best spend my energy now that I am once again unemployed, trying to survive, and searching for full-time employment.

I've been a member of the American Amateur Press Association for several years & have spent 18 months as their official mailer. I am now President-Elect of the AAPA by default (there were no other candidates). Somehow I feel like I've just been handed the job of Captain of the Titanic at about 2:15 am on 15 April 1912.

I've had almost zero success with attracting the zine community to the AAPA, mostly because the zine community does not seem to understand the no-money-changes-hands nature of the AAPA. We give our journals, zines, art and printing projects away freely. No one sells anything. No one buys anything. We simply share.

If the "zine community" has an anti-capitalist streak, as I've read about in numerous places, I've not seen it - and that's been a serious disappointment. What will I read now that I am seriously broke & unable to buy zines? Who will trade with me? Who will send me zines out of the kindness of their heart? How will I even afford stamps? With my bank account in the negative, I have to stare down my demons & ask for help, which is not part of my stoic New Hampshire Yankee grain.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Make Radio #2

How to Make Radio #2
by Julie Sabatier

Julie is a veteran radio producer creating shows and segments for community and public radio stations. Julie’s zine is clear, concise, and an excellent orientation to developing audio for radio or podcasting. Topics covered in this zine include your radio voice, editing audio, creative commons music, and funding your show / podcast. Some of the technical information in How to Make Radio #2 may be outdated (tips on using software and recording using iPhone devices). The downside of this zine is that Julie seems to be a shill for NPR podcasts, which are sometimes creative but more often formulaic and dependent upon pleasing corporate funders. Still, everyone is entitled to an opinion (and that’s ye old zine reviewer’s!). How to Make Radio #2 is available from Portland Button Works.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


My apologies for not having an image to accompany this review, couldn't find one easily on Google! 

The 13 Zine is a quarter-sized monthly compilation that appears on the 13th day of each solar month, curated by Lucy Stone / Sequoia LeBreux. The edition I have in hand (dated 6-13-15) features photography, collage, poetry and prose done in classic cut-n-paste style. The writing is vibrant & imagery vivid. The 13 Zine would be a welcomed presence in the mailbox & on the reading list every month! 

Digital copies are available from

Submissions are welcomed at 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OSR Catalog #1 Spring 2015

Zach Phillips has taken his music company (OSR) offline & produced an actual paper catalog of OSR releases. Be still my beating heart! And ... the catalog doubles as a zine with numerous contributors commenting on the brave move of taking a music label offline in the digital age and useful descriptions of available releases. OSR offers vinyl, cds and cassettes from New England based artists that include the prolific songwriter Chris Weisman, folk-psych magician Ruth Garbus, CE Schneider Topical & other bands you need to discover if you haven't already! Send a buck or two or a self-addressed stamped envelope (with two ounce postage) to: Zach Phillips PO Box 370352 Brooklyn NY 11237-0352

Monday, May 18, 2015


Kari Tarvo, zine-maker of Shards of Glass in Your Eye fame, has published two cool mini-zines - Finnglish Life Finnish-American Style & Finnglish 2 More Life Finnish-American Style. And when I say "cool", I might mean downright frozen. Kari is your tourguide to a new culture (unless of course, you are Finnish-American, in which case I suggest you write your own zine. In fact, everyone reading this blog - STOP READING RIGHT NOW and GO WRITE YOUR OWN ZINE!!!!

I'll wait.

Ok, done? Send it to me for review. 

Ever heard of F.U.? Or the Keweenah Peninusla? What? You're from there? Sheesh.

This winter, even my Norwegian blood almost froze. I needed a Sauna!

Seriously, send Kari a few bucks, some stamps, a zine or three, and read these wonderful zines on Finn culture. There will be a pop quiz afterwards, and the winner gets to sample Pannukakku.

Kari can be found via snail mail: PO Box 7831 Beverly Hills CA 90212. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Review: Krylon Underground 1984 - 1992

(Saint) Bob German's Krylon Underground 1984-1992 is an ambitious project, compiling all of the extant issues of his zine into a 288 page, over-sized trade softcover. From a purely archivist perspective, this compilation is massive and all inclusive. The style of Krylon Underground is surrealist & literate, peppered with provocative graphics, poetry, announcements for other zines, political pronouncements, and visual improvisations on the page.

Given the heft of this project, as a reader in 2015, I don't find much substance to relate to within its pages.This zine feels like an old friend, yet one that you parted ways with two decades ago. Krylon Underground has a vague "leftist" tone, but nothing that borders on radical thought. The content is so random that it is difficult to get enthusiastic about reading more than a few pages at a stretch. The zine feels so unfocused that after spending time with this compilation, I really can not tell you what it is about, other than an exercise in nostalgia, nor can I interpret whether it has any relevance to zine readers in the here & now. Krylon Underground readers from back in the day must know something that I don't. 

As we evolve as individuals, the things we embrace change, and we become heretics and hermetics in our own lives. Everything moves forward, we inhabit a brave new world. Krylon Underground inhabits a brave old world, and we have to ask whether we want to revisit that chaotic time and place. If so, take comfort that Krylon Underground is waiting for you. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thrifty Times #27

Thrifty Times is a monthly zine published by Sarah MacDonald in Allston MA. Each issue explores Sarah's favorite thrift finds. If clowns make you nervous, read no further! Just kidding. Most issues of Thrifty Times have a "theme" and the March 2015 theme is clowns. Sarah launches the issue with her customary Dear Readers section, then unveils a creepy clown pillow, hand stitched by someone with the initials CSS. Nick Burgess discusses the book "The Book of American Types" discovered at a thrift shop, and there's a review of the LP "The Klowns" in the Record Roundup Section. Sarah also reviews ten comedy LPs scored at thrift shops. Every edition of Thrifty Times is well written and a lot of fun to read. Recipes! Games! Comics! Romance books! What's not to love? Now get thee to a Goodwill ... and find me a shofar! 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Free magazine offer!

Even if you are not an aficionado of opera, The Opera Glass, edited by Iris Arnesen, is a beautiful and informative journal that is both educational and completely absorbing. Each issue features a wealth of information opening into the world of opera, theater, music and literary arts. I won't ramble on extolling the virtues of this gorgeous journal, I'd prefer that you discover The Opera Glass for yourself. For a limited time, if One Minute Zine Review readers send $2 for postage I will send you a sample issue of The Opera Glass. If you enjoy this journal, subscriptions from Iris are free (though donations are helpful). See you at the mailbox. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Secret Order of the Caboose

Caboose #9
Masons On Masons:
How to Start a Secret Society
By Liz and Joe Mason
48 pages / half-letter / $3
PO Box 477553
Chicago IL 60647

Recently ye olde zine reviewer has embarked upon learning about what is behind the social / political veils in our culture – particularly the role played by underground yet hidden in plain sight groups like the Freemasons. Such research could spiral into a lifetime of diversions – there are so many groups, so little time. Therefore, when I spotted Caboose #9 Masons On Masons: How to Start a Secret Society at the venerable Antiquated Future website, I ordered it without hesitation.

Written in a style that is both smart & smart-ass, the Masons may give you some ideas about how to create your own nerdy group, order, lodge, happening, etc. All of the bases are covered: groundrules, membership, language, mirthful activity and even secret handshakes. Yet what I had hoped to find here was more actual substance about Freemasonry, The Illuminati (though reading about its book-club origins was intriguing), and other elites & followers of our day that seem to wield power and influence in our bizarre and unwieldy culture. For example: who were the Oddfellows and am I related to them?

Ok, I’m off to organize the Freemen of Kearsarge Mountain Lodge. I’d tell you when & where the first meeting is, but then I’d have to kill you.

Did the NSA just read this? I’m fucked.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Proof I Exist #19

Proof I Exist #19 is the latest in a series of zines created by Billy, turning the paper camera on events and happenings in his life. Issue #19 is a time capsule from January 2015 when Billy pranked Albuquerque with a groceries on the car roof trick, played a punk rock gig with his band, and invented Zinester Trading Cards. And that’s just for starters! Billy writes Proof I Exist in a friendly, creatively honest, engaging style – he packs a lot of living in each day and invites us along to be the artists of our own lives. For more information on Proof I Exist check out:

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cunieform APA update

Cuneiform APA: Collecting Unique Notes Expressing Ideas For Original Reading Material. Cuneiform APA is open to anyone who participates by sending up to 4 pages on a tri-quarterly basis. Due dates for Cuneiform are February 1, June 1, October 1. Mail out of each edition will occur during February, June and October. Contributors are welcome to send up to 4 double-sided printed 8 X 11 pages of original material related to the following topics:  Zines & Zine Reviews Micro journals and presses Issues related to paper publishing / publishing in general in the digital age Obscure and lesser known books, authors, zines, and music, DIY, letters and writing / Postal service / Mail art & other topics related to philosophy, reading, life, liberty, the universe, & everything. Poetry or fiction at the discretion of the Official Editor. The Official Editor decides whether material submitted is thematically relevant for the APA. The current (interim) Official Editor is Frederick Moe. Please mail 40 copies of your material to 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278. Copies of Cuneiform will be mailed to each participant who contributes material and a few dollars toward mailing costs.