Sunday, October 12, 2014

Paper & Ink #3

Martin Appleby has produced a third volume of the literary zine Paper & Ink. This edition holds the theme "Destination Unknown". I've probably mentioned this in previous reviews - one of the reasons I admire this zine is the fact that it is not online, not downloadable, not available on Kindle ... it exists exclusively via paper and ink. In the current digital-or-die era, publishing old-school is an act of revolution in and of itself.

As with most thematic zines, the material in Pen & Ink #3 Destination Unknown both works and doesn't work depending on your perspective. Some of the standout contributions for me are a short fiction piece called Immortal by Amy Kisner and some potent poems by Raif Mansell and Gwil James Thomas. You, however, may find other gems in this issue according to your literary taste. I've probably said this before too: with Pen & Ink, Martin is showing aspiring lit zine editors / publishers how it is done.

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