Saturday, September 13, 2014

Strangury #1

Strangury #1 August 2014
Chris Sitko
212 Rock Ave Hawthorne NJ 07506
$ 1 US
trades: accepted
size: 8.5 X 5.5 / 12 pages

“All the news that’s fit to be mocked” is the tagline for Strangury #1, a new zine created by Chris Sitko. Chris has a knack for satirizing the news you’ll read in mainstream newspapers or watch on CNN – exaggeration that actually points out the realities of how the media tells their stories. In Strangury #1 we get a sarcastic look at the David & Goliath saga of Palestine and Israel, police brutality, and the insanity of corporations being given more rights than human beings. Is Strangury #1 mockery, or simply pulling back the curtain on the facade? 

Send well concealed cash & a nice letter to Chris at the address above, or send him an email. Cool update: Strangury Issue #2 is officially in the works!