Monday, August 11, 2014

Mishap 33 Volume 2

It's punks vs. nerds ... no ... wait! Look! Up in the sky! It's ... Mishap #33 Volume Two!!!

I've been basking in zine goodness recently & I want to shout out much appreciation out for Ryan Mishap who sent part two of Mishap #33. How many zines can claim to have a volume two of the same issue? Tis a rarity indeed.

Volume Two continues the book review format. Ryan closes his introduction to this edition by saying "One thing has never changed about me: I always wonder and ask why. And I usually turn to books for the answers."

Bibliographic zines are a joy - and Ryan's reviews are concise, describing in varying detail the essence of books he has read.  Once again, beautiful black & white panoramas of Ryan's travels provide a visual break from the text and could comprise a zine of their own.

Write to Ryan for more information on his zines: PO Box 5841 Eugene OR 97405.

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