Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time ... and knowing your reviewer

Ye Olde Zine Reviewer has been offline more, dealing with work, life, stress and changes internal and external. When I'm not at work I'm often so exhausted that I fold into a quiet state of existence. Growing older creates its own internal rhythms and boundaries. I'm in the process of awakening to eldership & having my eyes opened in complete horror of what's been disguised as our American culture. It is a path of pain, but also a path of growth.

Therefore, as I endeavour to "spend" my "free" time on this earth more wisely, when I make the time to post reviews on this blog, they will be reviews of zines that ignite and affirm my love for the artform we call zines and zines that speak to my internal ethics. Mostly, rather than posting reviews online, I will be reviewing for paper publications such as Xerography Debt and my APA zine Cuneiform.

So ... dear readers in zineland ... please do not send me zines like Kiss and Tell Volume 2 for review - you're wasting postage. One of the last things I want to spend my time reading or writing about is a poorly written, narcissistic expose of someone's so-called sexual adventures, or lack thereof.

Thank you.

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