Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Long overdue for a posting ...

Let It Sink #7
Jim Joyce
32 pages / half letter
available from antiquatedfuture.com

This is a wholly unique zine unlike every other I have ever read.
That statement might be true of any zine, or every zine.
It is certainly true of this one.
I could go on like this. It reminds me of dreamtigers helping Brautigan with his arithmetic.

Let It Sink #7 contains three bodies of work – an excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s memoir, an essay about modern hauntings, and a meditation on prayer. The creator of Let It Sink offers several ways to read the zine with accompanying illustrations. It’s a simple but effective visual / lateral way of experiencing the zine.

Jim Joyce (any relation to you-know-who? Or is that a pseudonym?) knows how to mesmerize with words. Like most new delightful and surprising discoveries, I want to visit previous issues. Where can I find them?  

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Jim Joyce said...

Hey DJ Frederick, a friend told me about this post. Thanks for the kind words. If you'd like to trade zines or if you're just looking for another issue (6 or a mini-collection called "accident journal") shoot me an address. Hope you're well!