Friday, January 17, 2014

Dairy River #11

Dairy River #11 (Sounds)

This is the first digital / online zine that I have reviewed, and I don’t intend to make a habit of it! Note to digitalheads: TRY PAPER. It rocks.

Dairy River #11 contains just enough intriguing content to catch my attention. To my eyes and ears, the centerpoint of this zine is a fascinating history of the development of foghorns in the 19th century, written by Andrew Wasson. I am fascinated by unusual sound producing devices and instruments – alphorns, stalactite organs, carillons, and now … foghorns. Most of our coastal culture has vanished in the digital age – lighthouses, morse code radio stations, etc. Learning about and preserving seafaring culture is critical before the history is lost completely.

Another article explores a 1962 Canadian film board documentary about Paul Anka. From my limited exposure to CFB films, I’d watch just about anything they produced from that era.

There is some daft poetry in this issue, but if overlooked, Dairy River #11 is a solid and illuminating read.  

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