Monday, November 4, 2013

Zine Review: Meta Zine

Meta Zine
Davida Gypsy Breier
PO Box 11064
Baltimore MD 21212

22 pages /digest / $2

I am always looking for resources to help with the age-old dilemma of how to explain to people: what is a zine? Davida’s Meta Zine is possibly the clearest, most concise guide to zines I've read thusfar. Opening with a thoughtful passage by Al Burian on Why Write, Davida’s zine introduces the world of zines in a natural flow. She tackles with grace the koan “What is a Zine” (I imagine Zen masters asking this of their novitiates). A brilliant essay follows titled “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, It Is Being Published”. Part Two of Meta Zines delves into the process of making a zine which such clarity that anyone who reads this will be able to create their own vision if they so desire.

The magic message is that only you can start the revolution. Unplug the television and let your creative self dance.

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