Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mixt Media Review: Bears Snowman 7"

Snowman 7”

Its not everyday that you receive a record that is complete in its beauty – sleeve art, red vinyl, postcards, stickers and even lyrics included! This release from Bears (Craig Ramsey and Charlie McArthur) features four melodic indie pop songs for the holidays. These tunes are introspective and real – pondering where we go for the holidays, who do we see, what do we do. Lyrically, these songs explore the longing that comes with the winter season – a time to face our fears, a longing for connection, a yearning for magic from childhood to still be true. Timeless sentiments for the moment of now.


Joe said...

I love this collection! "I'm a Snowman" has gone on every holiday mix I've made for the past two years.

Joe said...

I love this mix! I've been putting "I'm a Snowman" on every one of my holiday playlists for the past two years!