Sunday, October 6, 2013

Zine Review: Think About The Bubbles #8

Think About the Bubbles #8
Trust the Knife
30 pages / half legal / $6
Joyce Hatton
PO Box 374
Moorhead MN 56560

I could write a two word review of Think About the Bubbles #8: READ THIS & my work as a reviewer would be done.

This zine is a gorgeous, full-color, hand written, illustrated journey through the chaos of life. In diary style, Joyce chronicles her struggles with breast cancer, the medical system, homelessness, mental health issues and more. Her life swings from complete mess to warrior-like determination to succeed on her own terms. Think About the Bubbles #8 vibrantly sings about LIFE in all its messy glory - how we learn, heal and grow – through the discomfort, through the pain, one minute at a time. 

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