Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Treasure Issue One

Treasure No. 1
June 2013

Be prepared for a journey if you read Treasure #1, the inaugural issue of a new fanzine coordinated by Bruce Gillespie. Treasure replaces the zine Scratch Pad, which makes me want to immediately seek out all available back issues.

This edition starts out with Mr. Gillespie discussing the evolution of Treasure, and music concerts (or not attending concerts and the regret that creates). Dora Levakis contributes a substantial account of her trip to Tuva and experiences with throat singing and Tuvan culture. This is followed up by Jennifer Bryce’s travelogue about spending a month in India. Both of these pieces are so crisply written that the reader is transported to another place and time.

The centerpiece of this issue is a lengthy autobiography titled “The Sound of Different Drums: My Life and Science Fiction” by John Litchen of which this is the fifth installment. Writing a memoir that is absorbing and not sleep inducing takes real skill – and Mr. Litchen weaves his magic through conga drumming and night club performances to literature to diving & snorkeling to platonic love affairs … all the while weaving a hypnotic narrative like a smoky jazz poem. 

There is much more diverse content in Treasure. A “must read”. The electronic version is available from efanzines.com 

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