Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Invitations and Requests

Hello 1MZR readers!

Do you set goals and intentions for yourself? While I'm unemployed, getting motivated and getting things done is more essential than ever. I've started writing a blog about setting and accomplishing intentions and I'd be grateful for feedback and encouragement.

If One Minute Zine Reviews is a helpful blog to you, please share with others. I am assessing whether to continue with One Minute Zine Reviews in 2014 or work on other creative projects instead. I would like to increase readership, the number of blog followers and comments. Self promotion is something that doesn't come naturally to me! So please repost reviews, link away, tweet & facebook, and let's reach out to zine readers and non zine readers alike to celebrate the world of print!

Also, if you get a few moments please listen to some of my new radio shows titled "Paper Radio".
I'm open to suggestions for topics to cover in future editions.

Thank you & wishing you many blessings.

~ DJ Frederick

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