Sunday, September 22, 2013

Zine Review: Thrifty Times #11

Thrifty Times #11

Once upon a time I lived above a Saint Vincent DePaul store. This was back in the day before wealthy people started thrifting and it became yuppie trendy. It was a few months of heaven that I would trade the sterile aisles of Goodwill for any day.

Sarah M. has compiled another winning edition of Thrifty Times, which is enjoyable whether or not you reside in the environs of Boston. Issue 11 starts off with some thriftku & a thrift score that my daughter would love - a mushroom cookie jar! There's a look at denizens of thrift shops including Super Serious Jazz Collector Guy (how did they find me?), a timewarp back to the era of Hulkmania on VHS, and how-to pick through trash (since we are basically a consumerist throw-away culture, there are treasures to be found - wear gloves).

Issue 11 rounds out with music reviews, a thrift shop review, trashy romance novels ... this is a fun FUN zine.

Notice how I always sneak editorials into these reviews?

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