Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two Quick Reviews

Heartbreak City
half-letter / 44 pages

Unfortunately, there is a lot of heartbreak in the world - everyone has a story, or dozens of stories of being heartbroken. That's why this is a hefty zine with numerous contributors and stories of relationships that took a sharp turn, or sometimes fell quietly into decline. There's a wide range of writing styles & it's all high quality.

For something on the lighter side I suggest Kari Tervo's Shards of Glass in Your Eye #10. Ten issues! A milestone, which is better than a millstone anyday.

This issue brims with Kari's wit and celebrity sightings (which must be an occupational hazard). Sometimes I'm glad I live in New Hampshire where we only get Steven or Liv Tyler sightings. Oh, and once I saw Tiny Tim checking into a hotel carrying his ukelele. Before he was dead. 

One of the cool things Kari is doing is spearheading (ouch!) an effort called Zines For Troops for active duty military and veterans. This is a very cool idea - send your zines to Kari Tervo - Zines for Troops - PO Box 7831 Beverly Hills CA 90212.

Watch out for the public speaking smackdown!

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