Monday, August 5, 2013

ZIne Review: Stink Eye #1 & #2

I love zines that bring significant perspectives, dialogue and discourse to the culture.

Stink Eye has arrived hot off the copier and into my mailbox (thank you!). Issue #1 includes a detailed section on how to talk about sex, gender and society, full of helpful definitions around gender roles and identity. Who knew that I am cisgendered? 

It’s 2013AD but it might as well be 2013BC given the oppressive sexist / antihumanist attitudes that still permeate the culture. There’s also a very well crafted & sensitively written essay on sexism in the punk world worthy of sparking numerous conversations within the zine community. Add a recipe for tempeh tuna salad & you can have friends over for a yummy potluck to jumpstart the discussion! Issue Two is more visually oriented yet full of substantial content that ranges from healthy food (quinoa salad) to food for thought (an essay called Ian on Non-violence). There is also a section on media literacy with essential questions we all need to ask ourselves when being bombarded with advertising.

Both issues of Stink Eye will educate you & help you think for yourself. And that is a beautiful thing in a society that values conformity above all else while preaching freedom and individuality. 

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