Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Life and Times of Billy Roberts #34

I grew up in the age prior to the internet. When I was a kid / adolescent there were things like hobby printing presses and of course Xerox machines and it was common for people to produce family newsletters, fanzines, community bulletins and holiday letters. Billy Roberts has honored the tradition by publishing a monthly personal newsletter filled with great content – it's like receiving a note from a good friend. In issue #34, Billy talks about summer weather, camel spiders, DIY rafting on the Rio Grande, his band Fort Hobo, the television series The Walking Dead (Billy watched more episodes than I did before I gave up) and the George Zimmerman verdict. I look forward to Billy’s mailing every month & I suggest sending a few dollars in stamps in his direction & a request to join the mailing list. Thank you Billy for making it a good mail day.

Write to: Billy 1078 S. Camino del Pueblo Bernalillo NM 87004

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