Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oodles of Doodles!

Dithering Doodles # 2,3,4,5
Steven Anderson
259 E 700 S
Apt #9
Salt Lake City  UT  84111

Dithering Doodles seems like the type of comic you create when you let your inner child / adolescent out to play. Steven sent me a generous package of goodies including five issues of Dithering Doodles and two cds! I’m not much of a comics enthusiast, so I’m definitely not the target audience (although some of these issues have a zine-like feel). There’s a manic energy at work here, with each issue having a slightly different pacing and ambiance.

Issue #2 has a running gag about who gets the boot from Dancing with the Stars and some surreal artwork that made me stop in my tracks (in a good way). Beware of the attack of the easy bake ovens!

Number three is almost wordless and is better for it – it feels less busy and more focused. Issue four is radio related (yes!) with a great cover from KNAK 1280 AM Salt Lake City’s “music and news station”. Mix in some retro photographs, references to one of the best psych pop songs of all time “Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow” & voila – instant classic. Issue five sports a color photograph but feels a little redundant in comparison with the others. Overall, Dithering Doodles features consistently entertaining though ephemeral content. 

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