Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zine Review: After Volume 1

After – Volume 1 – December 2012
By Chris Campbell and Katey Rissi
half letter / edition of 50 / $5

After reading “After – Volume 1” I can only hope that there will be a Volume Two.
After embodies creative energy in paper and print – a beautiful, substantial project merging artistry, narrative and design. The note I received with the zine reads “It’s a stream-of-consciousness collection of stories & thoughts & art about the future. We've been creating stuff under the ‘After’ umbrella for a while now, and plan to make a book of vignettes as well as an installation piece that expand upon some of the ideas in the zine. All art/design is by Katey and all writing is by Chris.”  This issue starts off with a speculative short fiction that grabbed my attention titled September 29, 2039 which offers a glimpse into where society may be evolving / devolving to. A poem that beings “There is a vacancy now …” is one of the most striking poems I've read in the past year. After is highly literate and highly recommended. 

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