Monday, May 6, 2013

Before the Hollywood Backlot: Television's Worst Broadcasts You'll Never See

Before the Hollywood Backlot: Televisions Worst Broadcasts You'll Never See
a zine by Daniel Berman
full size / full color / bound

Wow. Ask and you shall receive? Be grateful for what you wish for? I recently read an issue of this zine and voila! a new issue arrived in my mailbox. I love good mail days.

This edition of Before the Hollywood Backlot focuses on the backwater of television. Sometimes it feels like something is missing from this issue because articles toward the back of the zine don't feel complete (like description of the Golden Turkey Awards films and unproduced Star Trek episodes). Despite potential omissions, for oddball media fans, this zine is a complete joy to read - we get a guided tour through the worst tv series spin-offs of all time ... what were they thinking? There's a trivia quiz, an article revisiting the Razzie awards from 1980, TV advertising hall of shame, a consideration of movie posters, and more. Plus full-color reproductions of some of my favorite films of all time - Red Zone Cuba and Manos: Hands of Fate!

Let's hope there's a sequel. 

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