Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zine Review: X-Rayer #94

Ray X X-Rayer #94
PO Box 2
Plattsburgh NY 12901-0002

This issue of the stalwart X-Rayer is several pages long & recounts Ray X’s past couple of months. He says the year got off to a rough start and I know the feeling. There is some discussion about a new neighbor with mental illness & Ray X’s concerns about their behavior. This is a tough one for me, being in the mental health field, also because I've known plenty of people who are not labelled mentally ill but who are scary as hell. Regardless, people have to live somewhere, yet community treatment is underfunded and so co-opted by the medical / insurance model that some mental health clinics now treat mental illness (when they provide treatment at all) like it is treating a cold – that you prescribe some remedy (psychotropic meds) and hope for the best. Sometimes, they turn people into zombie and other times, usually due to self motivation and peer support groups, people find a path of recovery and learn how to manage their symptoms.

Ray X updates us on the Peter Gersten 12/21/12 end of the world leap of faith – it appears Mr. Gersten didn’t find galactic center, but possibly made it to the moon. There’s an update on the LibertyNet (did someone mention mental illness?) and an article about tinfoil sideshows, Sandy Hook conspiracy madness and more. This zine is always a fantastic read. Will he make it to 100 issues? Damn, I hope so.

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