Friday, March 22, 2013

Zine review: Ker-bloom! #99

Ker-bloom! #99
$3.50 from artnoose
1200 Boyle Street
Pittsburgh PA 15212

I don’t subscribe to Ker-bloom! Yet every time I buy a miscellaneous issue, I thoroughly enjoy reading this zine. Ker-bloom! Issue #99 is gorgeous in its presentation – gold and silver lettering set against a chocolate brown cover, with gold and green ink typeface within. This is an essay about celebrating Fellowship Day (December 25) from Lord of the Rings, and a meditation on the connections that have heart, meaning, and courage in our lives. Full disclosure: Since my reading initial reading of Tolkien’s trilogy in 1976 I have felt that his novels the finest works of literature I have read in my lifetime. It’s wonderful to see that people are creating new traditions inspired by Lord of the Rings and that Tolkien’s spirit lives on, not just in big budget films. 

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