Friday, March 15, 2013

Zine Review: Glass Orchid #4 & #5

Glass Orchid #4 & #5
¼ size
PO Box 99792
Pittsburgh PA 15233
I suggest sending $7 minimum for both issues

Rarely do I find a zine where so much exceptional content is packed into so few pages. Glass Orchid is a panacea for those of us inflicted with crate digging fever & a love of vinyl. Both issues include a wealth of record related articles including an in-depth essay about finding the David & Anthony LP “Walnut Street” and an extensive interview with David Detillo. There are also film reviews for Mystery Train and Harold and Maude; and a well researched primer on 1960’s blues. This is the perfect zine for those of us who hunt for the dusty grooves and the holy grails.  

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