Thursday, February 28, 2013

Booklet review: Living Cooperatively in Intentional Community

Living Cooperatively in Intentional Community
by Dan Copulsky

20 pages / half letter

The American Dream has become the American Nightmare. We’ve been sold a cultural image of nuclear families and neighbors living in isolation – each with our own mortgages, possessions, and mountains of debt. It is a vision of our culture that no longer works, and a nightmare that we need to wake up from.

Communes and alternatives to the consumerist culture have been an intriguing topic from me since college, when I was assigned books to read about historical cooperatives and communities from the 19th century. Dan Copulsky’s Living Cooperatively in Intentional Community is a solid introduction to the world of cooperatives, co-housing, and other shared living experiences. Dan writes about why he lives in community, the economic and social benefits, starting or joining intentional communities, and the process of consensus. This is an excellent resource for anyone considering making choices about living in a cooperative situation with others. I think the operant word here is intentional – creating situations in which there is emphasis on quality communication, clear expectations, sharing resources and valuing relationships.

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