Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zine Review: Sasquatch

20 pages / $1.50

This is the reason  fanzines exist – to delve into a topic of interest that someone (maybe you!) enjoys, obsesses over, lives breathes and sleeps, or maybe just visits occasionally. Sasquatch is a classic cut & paste zine using cool graphics, a typewriter and handwriting. In Sasquatch, Jenn shares some background on the mythical creature, then treats the reader to reviews of a dozen or so films (B-movies and documentaries) with Bigfoot as the central theme / character. Along the way, words are misspelled, writing gets clipped off the page, some of it is too dark to read, all of which adds to this zine’s enigmatic charm. A copy might be found at SweetCandyDistro. 

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