Saturday, December 8, 2012

Zine Review: Safe In Sound Zine #2

Safe In Sound Zine #2
half letter / 26 pages / $2
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Even as I age & don’t recognize the many of the bands reviewed here, I feel like this is the kind of variety zine we need more of. Kearston starts off the issue with an interview with musician Kiley Lotz, then launches into reviewing some zines that she acquired at the Scranton Zine Fest, many of which I can happily say I have read. Kearston then conducts an informative interview with Cari Tellis, PhD who explains how one’s voice is created via our anatomical process, and discusses vocal disorders and emphasizes the importance of our unique voice to self image and identity. Safe In Sound Zine #2 ends with extensive and helpful music reviews. Just yesterday I was discussing how people find new music with a dj acquaintance of mine, and we were lamenting the lack of non digital (read offline) reviews and sources to discover new tunes, when just a decade ago, college radio and fanzines were the preferred venue for discovering new great music.
Safe In Sound Zine #2 is an exceptional zine endeavor that should come with a cd soundtrack! 

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