Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chapbook Review: Further Distractions by Bucket Siler

I’m not a very astute reviewer of fiction, or semi-fiction, or fictional prose or stories. When language ignites my attention while I’m reading – and makes me want to keep on reading, then I know I've found a “keeper”. 

Bucket Siler sent me Further Distractions and it’s going to take a literary wizard greater than I to give this zine / chapbook / anthology the review it deserves. The stories within seem to focus on moments in relationships when everything is balanced halfway over the edge … the moment when you’re going to stumble across that huge insight, that inner secret, the right road to take … or not. It all comes down to small moments, even if the desert wind blows those moments into a monsoon.

If I received letters like those missives that Bucket includes in Further Distractions, I’d be running to my mailbox the minute I got home from work. And dusting off my typewriter. 

Search etsy.com for this zine or check out bucketsiler.com 

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