Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comix review: Failed State Funnies

Failed State Funnies
21st Century Karno’s Klassics Issue 12
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Kjartan Arnorsson
1505 West St. Mary’s Rd #123
Tucson AZ 85475

Having our illusions stripped away is both painful and illuminating. I look at how the USA has evolved in the past 50 years from a land of neighbors and neighborhoods to a land of paranoia, stranger danger, and rampant mistrust. It all serves a purpose of having us look away from one another, rather than looking at one another with compassionate eyes.

Capitalism is a system that depends on us being divided, object wanting, consumers. This zine walks us through the illusions of our time, the stories we are told about national security, the upper class (so-called job creators! oh how we worship them), police, the economy, greed, and the government’s role in sustaining the status quo. The drawings in Failed State Funnies are spot on, the writing clear and concise, and there’s even a list of books and zines for further reading. Learn now and awaken before      ….   we    are   lulled deeper


separation and ignorance. 

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