Monday, October 29, 2012

A mailing from Mormo Zine

from: Turn the Pages Books
2009 1st Street
Baker City OR 97814

According to bookface, "Mormo is a magician, a TV show, print magazine and production company".

Mormo takes the maxim "be the media" seriously. Three zines arrived in the mail. One of the issues (not numbered) is dedicated to the memory of Christian Medina, co-founder of the zine and artistic soul.There is a lengthy interview with Chief Blackdawg, founder of PyratePunx, which seems to be equally about punk rock shows with bands like Jesus Fucking Christ ... and living an egalitarian / anarcho tribal lifestyle. The issue continues with a review of the B Movie Blood Massacre and an interview with actor George Stover.

Mormo Zine #11 asks the question "is paper dead?" (I hope not!), an intriguing but brief article about the art of restorative ceramic sculpture artist Michael McVey, and a bizarre interview with Babbette Bombshell about an addiction to shit. Literally. Right. Snopes, here I come.

There was also a chapbook of awful rhyming poetry in the mailing called Dark Truth - Ramblings of Madness by "Karl R. Howard".

A message in this zine proclaims "Ours is the magic. Ours is the power!" Also a plea to not throw the zine away. Okay, zine librarians, archive away! For the rest of us ... recycle, recycle, recycle.

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