Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zine Review: Record Collecting by Joseph Carlough

Record Collecting: David Bazan Pedro the Lion 
by Joseph Carlough
16 pages / half letter / $4

From the moment I read the title, I anticipated that I would enjoy reading Joseph Carlough’s  Record Collecting zine & when the zine arrived, I was not disappointed.Unlike some music zines that report on numerous bands and review lots of records, Record Collecting focuses on one musician – David Bazan aka Pedro the Lion. Joseph chronicles the genesis of his introduction to vinyl records and how he chose to collect recordings by David Bazan. Bazan is a lo-fi indie singer / songwriter who often explores dark territory in his lyrics and music. Joseph Carlough is a seasoned writer who relates each record he obtains to events / emotions / experiences in his life. The format & content of this zine is perfect for exploring David Bazan’s discography. Prepare for deeper listening. 

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