Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zine Review: Galactic Zoo Dossier #8

Galactic Zoo Dossier #8
88 pages / large / $16

Plastic Crimewave has assembled a monumental shrine to garage, psychedelic, folk & obscure music from the past five decades. Galactic Zoo Dossier #8 includes interviews with folk rock singer Vashti Bunyan, guitar wizard Peter Walker, communal wizard Djin Aquarian (Ya Ho Wha 13) & the musical archeology of bands like Blue Things & George-Edwards Group. Galactic Zoo Dossier #8 is mostly hand drawn with brilliant graphic design. It comes with a companion cd introducing bands that you probably never heard of – and need to hear, now. The copious amount of comics in this issue did nothing for me, I would have preferred more articles and interviews. The cover price is a little steep, even considering the beautiful production and bonus cd. However, for some of us old (and young) hippies, Galactic Zoo Dossier #8 is the next best thing to dropping acid (folk).

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