Friday, September 28, 2012

Zine Review: Cats Claw Herbal

Cats Claw Herbal
by Heron Brae

This is a mostly handwritten and hand drawn quarter-sized zine bursting with useful, practical, and intuitive self healing information. Plants and herbs hold lifeforce, and vibrant energy & this small zine is a solid introduction to herbcraft. Heron includes clear instructions for making oils and salves, and descriptions of numerous common plants & their uses including Hypericum, Plantain, Balm of Gilead & more. This is a beautifully designed, reader / learner friendly zine. 

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HeronB said...

Hey DJ,
Thanks for reviewing Cat's Claw! It's great to see it's still getting out there after all these years, and that it's useful for you. Continue plant geeking forever!
In wild respect,