Friday, September 14, 2012

Zine Review: Bizarrism #12

Bizarrism #12
40 pages / $8
by Chris Mikul

At first glance one might mistake this zine as a work of faux tabloid journalism, yet upon inspection reveals itself to be a publication of high quality scholarship. Chris Mikul ventures away from the mainstream & into unblushed territory with a trove of offbeat & fascinating topics. In Issue #12, we are treated to substantial articles about fascist dictator Mussolini, Shakespearian manuscript thief Raymond Scott, stigmata wielding wonder-saint Padre Pio, the dubious origins of the Hare Krishnas, book reviews & more. Copiously illustrated & meticulously choreographed, Bizarrism #12 is both a visual and intellectual joy to behold.

Sometimes I imagine Mr. Mikul as the contemporary Sherlock Holmes of zinemaking, replete with meerschaum pipe & magnifying glass, following impenetrable literary clues into increasingly curious libraries. Bizarrism elicits my most fervent enthusiasm for the pleasure of reading zines.  

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