Monday, October 8, 2012

Slowing down ... updated

Hello dear readers! One Minute Zine Reviews will be slowing down in a few weeks. I will still be posting written and audio reviews, only less frequently. The reasons for this are many:

  • My new job is exhausting and my energy for certain projects has been waning. 
  • I have numerous other projects so have to share what energy I have accordingly. I'd like to continue most of them on a less frequent basis rather than to see them fade away.
  • I've received way fewer zines for review in the past year than anticipated & I don't always review zines that I do receive. I feel like I should have something reasonable to say about zines when I review rather than being uninspired to write a review.
  • As my time and energy are more limited, I need to balance my own needs for writing and creating with reviewing other people's work.
I would welcome interest from someone who would like to co-produce One Minute Zine Reviews and contribute to the blog / zine / or radio show on a regular, consistent basis. Please write to me! 


piltdownlad said...

Well, that's a shame. This is my favorite review site.
Just got your zines in the mail today. Halfway through Paper Radio. I love anecdotes like "Space Pirate Radio." Thanks a bunch. Hope you spring back.

quazipseudo said...

I totally understand, I'm in the same boat. We will continue to syndicate what you do review, so know that your efforts are multiplied. Also, syndication works both ways, if you ever see anything you can use from SZRs, please take it and run with it. You've been a huge asset to our project, and we look forward to seeing where your creative process takes you.