Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zine Review: Twenty Four Hours #10

Twenty Four Hours #10
half legal / $3

One of my concerns and complaints about our culture is the homogenous, vacuous, everything is the same as everything else direction that the music industry has perpetuated since the early 1980’s. As if in response to that soul-sucking phenomena, Josh Medsker’s zine Twenty Four Hours #10 (subtitled “my musical memoir”) is music to my eyes (ok, bad pun. I write this blog – I’m allowed.)

Twenty Four Hours #10 shatters the banality of cultural conformity and digs into Josh’s musical roots which embrace Lutheran hymns, Glen Campbell, The Cure, Johnny Cash, Sex Pistols and more. The intensity of Josh’s writing shows what great music does – it wakes you up and blows your mind.

Twenty Four Hours #10 also includes a great interview with one of my radio heroes, Doctor Demento. Doctor Demento is a musicologist, a teacher, radio icon, eclectic human being. This interview alone, tucked toward the back, made reading this zine a joy for me. That, and all of the other words, pages and graphics in issue #10. Now if only this zine came with a soundtrack cassette …. that would be music to my ears. 

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Joshua Medsker said...

Hi Frederick,

I thought I had posted before, but thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked the issue.

Take care--Josh