Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zine Review: Magpie Magazine #5

Magpie Magazine #5

96 pages £10.00

When magic manifests on paper, mercurial and ephemeral, we can only hope that we are awake for the event. Magpie Magazine #5: Metamorphosis is about growth and transitions, about shapes in the whispering night that roll like clouds into our minds, full of potential. Magpie Magazine #5: Metamorphosis feels completely dreamlike, yet it is full of substance and clues to the psyche. Blending art & folk culture, this issue features art and an interview with Hanna Tuulikki, an interview with Simon Costin of the Museum of British Folklore, an article on visionary artist Leonora Carrington, fragile photography, poetry, prose, and a compilation cd (many of the musicians are interviewed in the zine). Visually this is as intoxicating as it gets – the typography, color design, layout is as close to heaven as one might find in a zine. The music is great too – a generous 16 tracks of mostly contemporary acoustic psychedelic folk. I strongly advise finding a copy of this before, like all beautiful, ephemeral things, it vanishes. 

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