Monday, August 6, 2012

Zine Review: I Love Bad Movies #5

I Love Bad Movies #5
74 pages / $5

At five issues (and going strong), I Love Bad Movies is a stalwart perennial of the zine scene. Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh have a monster on their hands – and on their screens. This issue includes films with actors at the outset or at the zenith of their careers – some before they were famous, others long after they slipped into debauchery. Either way they should have known better than to make these horrific (or horror) flicks.

Twenty-eight brave and literate souls / contributors guide the reader through such non-epics as “Slaves of New York”, “Deadly Blessing” and the symbolic one’s “Purple Rain”.  There’s also an interview with Alex Winter on his role in Death Wish 3. Page after page examines films that you either love or hate – or love to hate. It’s like a 2 am movie festival at the last drive-in within 100 miles, complete with creepy ticket taker & suspicious glow in the dark soft drinks. I Love Bad Movies #5 is compelling reading for movie lovers (or loathers) everywhere. Break out the betamax, it’s gonna be a great night. 

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