Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zine Review: Building

Building: A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Hosting Events and Fostering Radical Communities
by Neil Campau
44 pages /

One way to create and nourish the community we want to see is to do it ourselves. Transforming into a post capitalist culture will require a lot of energy, and perhaps generations since capitalism has been the entrenched socioeconomic paradigm for at least the past six centuries. Every time just one person decides to make different choices, we move closer to the critical mass of social change.

The DIY movement creates opportunities for self expression, celebration, togetherness, safety, music and dreaming. Building is a valuable resource full of practical information, advice, and thoughts for consideration written by someone who has years of experience in attending, organizing, and performing at DIY events. This zine focuses primarily on music gigs, but the process applies to any DIY happening. Venue, guidelines, safety, finances, promotion, neighbors, police are a few of the topics covered in depth. Building is highly recommended. 

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