Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zine Review: Basements & Living Rooms Issue 2

Basements & Living Rooms Issue 2
53 pages / half letter

The theme of issue two is Tours & Road Trips & over twenty people contribute their stories, photography, poetry & creativity to this volume. Eddie Chapman & Steev Barker’s illustrations are fun to discover, each with a distinctive visual style. Tyler Gwizdek’s poem “Everything becomes full” astutely expresses the whirling dervish energy that builds at a great live show. Other than that, nothing else in this issue feels compelling, it’s mostly kind of mediocre. I embrace anyone and any scene that is taking music back from corporate profiteers. However knowing full well that I am 30 years older than this zine’s intended audience, I just feel like more of an outsider looking in to an increasingly insular “punk” “culture”. 

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