Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zine Review: Tom Huck A Life Out of Line

Tom Huck: A Life Out of Line
by Kevin McClosky
32 pages / half letter / $6 postpaid

At risk of looping into a recurring theme, I need to say again that the greatest joy I derive from reading zines is the act of discovery. Prior to receiving this zine I had never heard of Tom Huck or his woodblock arts. In what has to be the coolest concept I have seen so far in 2012, the cover of Tom Huck A Life Out of Line detaches to become a full-sized poster, a woodblock reprinted on recycled grocery bag paper.

Kevin McCloskey presents Tom Huck’s story with an energetic narrative and artistic style. He recounts Huck’s early days as a Catholic altar boy, mesmerized and confused by sexuality. Huck becomes infatuated with Albrecht Durer and Jose Posada. He refines his own style and opens Evil Prints, an offbeat printmaking project where he currently creates some of the most unusual woodblock prints of our time, or any other.

What bleeds through clearly in this zine is that Huck’s life is lived with intensity and authenticity. Highly recommended. 

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