Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zine Review: No No No (This is NOT a Zine) #2

Every once in a while a zine arrives in the mail that I read cover to cover in one sitting - a zine of substance that absorbs me from the opening lines onward. Fortunately I ordered No No No (This is NOT a Zine) from Parcell Press and it arrived only a couple of days later (snail mail? I think *not*)!

Kim Cody's writing is descriptive and absorbing. There is directness and honesty in her writing, an economy of words used to their fullest effect. Kim relates the death of her mother and it's aftermath, a slow, tortured healing / grieving process that is as raw and real as anything you will read in any zine this or any year. There is also a great (true) story about her attempts to get involved in the mail art scene, some stark and beautiful poetry, and more. No No No (This is NOT a Zine) Issue 2 is compelling in every sense. 

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