Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zine Review: People With Cameras

People With Cameras
found and arranged by Charles Wray

Remember those scrapbooks full of grainy pictures that your aunt took when she bought a new 35mm camera back in the day? Well here they are – visual proof of ephemeral moments. This is a full color zine (with some black & white) of images culled from the past century with just what the title promises – people with cameras. What makes this collection work is the variety of people, styles of photography, and curious situations that stimulate daydreaming & reflection – who were these folks & what are their stories? The only face I recognized was Dick Cavett – and that’s part of the beauty of this zine – most of the photographs are shot by, and include, everyday people who could be your neighbors or even your great-grandparents. Highly recommended. 

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