Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zine Review: One Hundred Fingers of Death

One-Hundred Fingers of Death
by St. Paco (Paco D. Taylor)
7730 East Broadway #925
Tucson AZ 85710
8 pages
$1 or 2 stamps / trade /letter

Quote from the promotional description that accompanied the review copy: Originally written for Kung Fu Grip! #5, One-Hundred Fingers of Death is a tuff lil text that told its author it was bad enuff to make it on its own (as an 8-page zine). 

Bad enuff? (sp) Yeah, but not in the context the author is hoping. One-Hundred Fingers of Death reads like a pissing contest (or as the author puts in, a dick-measuring contest) between the author a friend (and/or the zine reader) regarding how many martial arts movies someone has watched and how to aspire to be a martial arts movie watching master. Hello? Is there nothing else to aspire to in our society? Something that might make a difference to others, or the community? 100 movies in any genre = 100+ hours of your life that you’ll never get back. The tone of the writing in One-Hundred Fingers of Death is self referential and arrogant (ok, in all fairness the same could sometimes be said of One Minute Zine Reviews). Two pages of this zine is the actual list of movies Paco has watched. One page is a commercial for Kung Fu Grip. My strong impression is: skip both the movies & the zine. Get outdoors in the sunshine. Now, breathe. 

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