Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zine Review: Rise Fall Repeat #2

Rise Fall Repeat #2
by Nathan Atlas Fox
30 pages / $5
PO Box 4868
Anaheim CA 92803

Four things really caught my attention in Rise Fall Repeat. The first is the brilliant graphic attention to detail and interplay between the photography and cut n paste text. The second is a piece titled “Waking Life” that is poetry in prose, revealing simple yet profound thoughts. The third is a photograph of sidewalk graffiti that poses the question “Instead of picking your poison, why don’t you choose a cure?” And the fourth is a heartfelt essay that calls into question rape culture and how such violence is still tolerated in our society. Rise Fall Repeat #2 embodies all of the qualities of an exceptional zine, a writer’s voice and vision liberated in print. 

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