Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zines by Turner Hilliker

I asked Turner Hilliker for a review copy of Prompts: Writing Derivatives and he generously mailed me a package of his zines.

Prompts: Writing Derivatives is presented as a beautifully printed book bound with twine and is Turner’s “index of thoughts that continues to expand.” I appreciate writing exercises and prompts and my expectations were high. Unfortunately, most of the writing contained within is mundane and uninspired, with several exceptions. I hope Turner finds his writing voice because he has the kernels of a stimulating project here.

Turner is already a prolific artist & publisher. All of Turner’s zines are skillfully printed and presented and are a visual treat. Holiday Pay #5 is particularly ingenious in its pop-up design and flowchart. One of the jokes in Holiday Pay #23 had me rolling: the seasons in Philadelphia – fucking hot; fall; fucking cold.

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