Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zine Review: Deafula 3

Continuing on from the previous issues, Deafula 3 illuminates the author’s personal experience of deafness and shares good information that those of us who are hearing
need to know. Even the most socially isolated of us can communicate via our senses – imagine what it is like not to hear conversations and live in a culture where “accommodations” like closed capturing, or speaking slowly and clearly and directly, are seen as a pain in the ass. Deafula 3 discusses speaking for one’s self out of personal experiences vs. speaking for one’s “group” (i.e. the deaf community), how to make or receive a relay call, five things people are missing out on by being hearing, 5 annoying things for people with hearing loss.  Deafula 3 is one of the most vital zines being published in 2012.  

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